Mar 14, 2009

Oracle EM Console 10g


OEM is a set of system management tool for managing, monitoring and automate tasks
of oracle database environment. database control was first introduced in oracle 10g.

For windows/Unix you can follow the same method to configure EM console

1. Pre-Reuestits

a. Password file is required.
b. Set remote_login_passwordfile is set to EXCLUSIVE or SHARED.
c. Increase the job_queue_processes more that 1.
d. Unlock sysman and dbsnmp user account if already exist.
e. Emca is located in $ORACLE_HOME/bin

2. Create the repository for OEM console

emca –repos create

3. Configure the database control

emca –config dbcontrol db

4. Connect to the database control


5. Commands to Star, Stop and check the Status of dbConsole

Emctl start dbconsole
Emctl status dbconsole
Emctl stop dbconsole

6. Commands to start, stop and check status of EM Agent

Emctl start agent
Emctl status agent
Emctl stop agent

7. how to Drop the database consol

Emca –deconfig dbcontrol db

8. What are the file Files and Folders create for your db console. lets check.

Local Configuration files


Port Number


Log location


9. Services

In windows you can check the services is services.msc
service like : OracleDBConsole

10. Add OS user in "Log on as a batch job" for windows

Windows user must add their name in batch job in user policies folder

Control panel -> Admin Tool -> Local security Policy -> Local Policies -> User Right Assignment
-> Log on as a batch job -> Local security setting

11. How does it work

WebBrowser <--> Http/Https <--> J2EE (OC4J) AppServer <-- Thin JDBC --> Sysman schema.

OEM create a sysman schema to store dbconsole metadata and statistics.

12. Management Packs

Oracle Congfiguration management pack

1. Track h/w and s/w configuration for hosts and database.
2. Cloning for database instance and oracle home for deployments.

Oracle Change management pack

1. Changes to support new application requirements
2. Eliminate error or data loss when making changes and minimize downtime.

Oracle Diagnostics pack and tuning pack

1. Reduce the complex performance tasks.


sonu said...

Hi Fazal,

Really good content. Everything is on the same page.

I would like to know more about oracle management pack. Do you have any link to guide me this or any if you have any thing post in this topic.


F.a.i.z.a.l said...

hi Sonu.

the doc was made on experience. iam also pick and choose the information from different sites. also the below links. if u sent ur mail id, i will sent u the same document plus some information..