Apr 12, 2009

EM : Policy violation

Policy rule 1 : Insufficient Number of Control Files

Cause : there is only one control file in the database

Solution : Control file multiplexed..

Action : Shutdown immediate;

Startup mount;

alter system set control_files='/path/control01.ctl','/path/newcontrol02.ctl' scope=spfile;

shutdown immediate;


Policy rule 2 : Insufficient Number of Redo Logs

cause : i have two groups in my database, but each group has only one member.

Solution : Log member multiplexed

Action : Using EM control log members added...

Policy rule 3 : EXECUTE UTL_FILE privileges to PUBLIC

Cause : bydefault 'UTL_FILE' privilege grant to PUBLIC profile.

Action : Revoke execute utl_file from public;

But still policy violation still shown.
Reason, there are many other polices are set to public profile ( UTL_SMTP, UTL_TCP, UTL_HTTP and DBMS_RANDOM).

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