Nov 15, 2009

Configure Recovery Catalog - Rman


> we can use same instance for catalog db. my recommendation is separate instance is better.
> create separate schema and grant 'recovery_catalog_owner' privilege
> configure password file and listener file

1. configure recovery catalog.

$> export oracle_sid=rmandb
$> rman catalog rmanc/rmanc

rman> create catalog tablespace tbsnam;
rman> exit;

2. Register target db with catalog db

$> rman catalog rmanc/rmanc target sys@db1
target database password:
connected to target.....

rman> register database;
database register in recovery catalog...
rman> exit

3. check and confirm the db register with catalog db

login rman schema

$ sqlplus rmanc/rmanc
$ select * from db;

you can see the target db id and incarnation information..

now target db was configured with catalog db.. next we have to configure rman for target db...